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MOVE Media knows what works in compelling storytelling. 

With over 13 years of experience working in West Michigan with many types of industry and producing every imaginable style of video, we know that the hardest work occurs before actual production even begins. Knowing precisely what shots and interviews are needed, the video shoot itself is the fun part. By the time we get to the edit, our pre-production blueprint makes it easy to just put all of the pieces together.

John Garner

[Owner and Do-All Producer]

As a knowledgeable video producer and consultant, I take pride in producing impressive, timely, and inspiring results. I strive to make the entire production process a fun experience for everyone involved, while continually focusing on the ultimate goal of telling stories that MOVE. I have a special knack for making even the most nervous person appear comfortable in front of the lens. I have lived and worked in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area for most of my life. I absolutely love my job, and I try to illustrate that in every single video that I produce.   

A few tidbits about me:


I love college football…well, Michigan Football.


I'm married with two goofy, young children.


I have a Film and Video Bachelor's Degree from GVSU.


I love lists!


I drove a 1973 Pontiac Catalina in College. It could seat 7.