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MOVE Media Production
3 reviews


Lindsay Huddleston (Huddleston Solutions)

"Great service, affordable rates and excellent quality. I would certainly hire Move Media Production for my future needs."


Morgan Fitzpatrick

"AMAZING! Professional, great people! I never even knew he was there when he was recording!! Would recommend to anyone!"


Chris Stefanich (Experienced Developer): 

"I worked with John Garner for several years at Revel. His video shooting, editing, and production skills elevated the entire video department's quality of product. His eye for detail and design are spot on. I could not think of a more professional and capable person for any type of video production."

Matthew Keys (Freelance Web Developer):

"John is able to manage and coordinate projects through their entire lifecycle with an ease and familiarity that only comes with many years of experience. John has a charm and charisma that makes him a pleasure to work with; and is always a favorite of clients. The creativity and leadership that John exhibits on a daily basis makes him a key asset and a huge win for any team lucky enough to work with him."

Holly Alway (Owner, Eidetic Imaging):

"Just saw a few of the videos you produced for the Drug Free Muskegon Coalition - great work! It takes a tremendous amount of organization and vision to succinctly highlight the accomplishments of such an active coalition. It was clear after watching the videos that you shared in the coalition's enthusiasm and excitement. Well done!"

Taylor Vanden Hoek (Freelance Designer):

"I had the pleasure of working with John while at Revel and am continuously impressed with both the caliber of work he produces (largely because of his high standard of craft) but also his ability to work with clients directly to manage project timelines and milestones. I have an immense amount of trust and reassurance when handing off clients to John, knowing that he can confidently put them at ease in front of the camera (a skill that can't be taught) and could weave in big picture strategy with the delicacy and nuance that many of our campaigns required. He knew just the right tone and feeling of the campaign and knew how to translate that to the right voice over talent, music, settings, etc. while being able to communicate those decisions to the project team and client. He has a great sensibility for his medium and was an invaluable asset to the success of our projects. 

At Revel, our work required us to be detail-oriented and adaptable to different client needs. John is adept at both, often taking the lead on smaller projects as a one-man-band, but also knowing when and how to collaborate with others on larger projects with several moving parts. John's leadership and direction style positioned him at the front lines with everyone involved. He never stepped away from the less glamorous tasks of coordinating contract work or providing client updates. This is why anyone who has worked alongside John has a great amount of respect for him. He understands people and their motivations and how they might best fit in or contribute, all working towards making swift, efficient progress."